Client Testimonials

Let me start off by thanking God to have an Attorney like Mrs. Risinger! She really and truly put forth an effort that is second to none. Linda will always be an Attorney that I refer and with what she’s done for me and my son.

Joel, custody client

Let me start by saying that I was referred to Ms. Risinger by one of her past clients who was very happy with her representation and the outcome of the case. When I meet with Ms. Risinger I explained to her my situation and she was confident that she could help. She was right! Working with Ms. Risinger was terrific. She is an absolute professional in every regard. She was very knowledgeable about how to strategically position my case for the best interest of my children and me. Understanding that this is a stressful situation she was prompt to take my call and return my calls. She spent time explaining to me whatever I inquired about. In the end I would say she more than paid for herself and saved me thousands of dollars due to extensive experience with Family Law cases. If what you are looking for in your situation is a responsive, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, professional to handle your Family Law case I would recommend Ms. Risinger with the highest regard. I am happy to have retained Ms. Risinger and very pleased with the outcome of my case.

Divorce client

I hired Linda on Monday and by Friday my son was back home with me! Her price is reasonable and her staff is wonderful. Thank you so much Linda for everything you did for me and my son.

Jennifer, CPS client

She is very aggressive and knows the best strategy for your situation. Very organized and saved me from a Default Judgment! Linda trusted me with everything I presented to her and never doubted me from beginning to the end! She is very patient and performs all her duties in a professional manner. I highly recommend her to anyone who really needs her vast knowledge of the Texas Laws.

Christopher, Military Divorce

I went to her with a complex child custody and divorce case; she could not have handled it better. She was always available and would always listen to me. She was a fighter when I needed one and really got things done! From the very beginning to the very end, she was on top of my case and always had my best interest at heart. She was to the point and told me what I needed to hear, not always just what I wanted to hear. She was always prepared and always professional. Linda guided me through a very difficult situation and when it was over, made sure that everything was completed in a timely fashion.
I used her after I fired my previous attorney and the difference was amazing. I always got copies of every document and she would be there to answer questions if I had any about what she sent. If I could not speak with her, she would make sure her assistant knew how to answer my questions. Her billings were fair and concise. I was truly blessed to find this attorney.

Child Custody Client

Let’s see, where do I begin…? In a highly contested case between my ex-husband and I, Linda stood by my side, kept me calm, and helped me maintain my grace and dignity when the other party was doing everything they could to make this process the most ridiculous and expensive that it could be. You see, my ex and his family had a decent amount of money and threw the equivalent of a Harvard education and probably a nice Luxury car into their case as a means of cornering me and trying to get me to back down. It backfired of course. Linda knows the law back and forth and has a great working relationship with judges and most attorneys. We won all of the motions that the other party filed and generally at their expense. Linda is full of experience, insight, and knowledge in not only law, but of life. You will get moral support from this woman on the days you feel like you are going to lose it. The other party is going to do anything and everything to tear you down and make you look bad. Those days WILL happen. Hold your head high and keep your calm composure. Always take the high road. It’s hard to not let emotions get the best of you in such cases, but at best never let the other party see your hurt/fear. Linda will be there no matter what. You will want an attorney that has the client’s interest at heart. Some attorneys honestly don’t care about their clients and will file any and every motion to make it look like they are fighting for you (willingly losing) just so they can pad their pockets with all of the money you throw at them. This does NOT pertain to Linda Risinger whatsoever. Her knowledge of the law and good practice mean that she is only going to file what is absolutely necessary in order to win your case. Unfortunately in my situation, we spent more time combating BS motions from the other party that made no sense whatsoever – mostly at the other party’s expense. I highly recommend you taking the time to just watch Linda in court. Find a case that is similar to yours and just sit in the back and watch. Watch how she operates in court and you will see what I’m talking about. Do not decide on any attorney with a biased platform! i.e. “The Father’s/ Mother’s Attorney.” Every parent has their rights to a child but choosing an attorney with this platform is setting yourself up for failure and financial hemorrhage.

Vanessa, High-Conflict Divorce

Linda is a smart aggressive attorney.

I was lucky to find her. She saved me a lot of money in my divorce, and made a difficult process easier for me.

She really cares about her clients, and she’ll care about your situation too.

Brett, Divorce, Child Custody