Divorce Arbitration As An Option To Retain Assets And Civility

While sometimes necessary, divorce litigation in a courtroom can be destructive since it pits one spouse against the other. In some cases, children are unfortunately placed in the middle of the disputes.

At the Law Offices of Linda Risinger, we are committed to the process of arbitration. Founding attorney Linda N. Risinger is trained as an American Arbitration Association mediator.

If you are involved in a complex or high net worth divorce, you have options beyond the courtroom. For information on the process of arbitration, please call us at 972-294-6533 for a free initial consultation.

An Experienced Attorney To Guide You Through Divorce Arbitration

Arbitration is a real option to resolve disputes in a divorce. We can introduce you to the process and educate you on what to expect.

Divorce arbitration is a form of collaborative law where final and binding decisions are made by an arbiter. You still have a lawyer at your side, advocating for you.

While not for all divorces, arbitration is especially helpful in divorces involving significant assets and family-owned businesses.

Dividing property in arbitration allows you to keep more of your assets. Litigation is costly, lengthy and oftentimes contentious. Arbitration allows both parties to come together in an environment where issues are placed on the table and discussed.

If the process does not work, a trial remains an option. Linda Risinger‘s trial skills in divorce cases are second to none, and she is well-known in both Collin County and Denton County courts.

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