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Divorce is one of the most difficult things a family may face. If you have children, you are undoubtedly worried about how they will deal with the challenges of divorce, and how you will continue to provide support for them.

Attorney Linda N. Risinger has over 30 years of experience helping families deal with the complex issues of divorce and family law in Lewisville, Frisco and throughout Denton County.

We understand that family law matters often demand legal counsel and support after regular business hours. Our attorneys are responsive to our clients’ needs whenever they arise.

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If you are thinking about getting divorced, there are many important issues to address, including child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, and property division.

Here is what you should be considering now:

  • Texas is a community property state, which means that your divorce will involve both marital (community) property and nonmarital property:
    • Marital property is generally acquired during the marriage and includes debts, real estate, collectibles, vehicles, retirement savings, investments, family business assets and commingled property. It must be equitably divided between the spouses.
    • Nonmarital property is owned before the marriage or is inherited and never commingled. It may be considered separate property and may not be subject to property division. However, it may be considered marital property if it has grown in value during the marriage.
  • Texas family courts also generally apply equal parental rights to both parents, though the rights of unmarried parents will usually be different.
    • In the past, mothers may have gotten child custody and support almost by default, in most cases. While this is often the final result in many cases still, it is not as black and white as it used to be. Fathers have rights too.
    • A number of factors are considered by the judge to rule on child custody, visitation and support agreements. It is usually in your best interests and your children’s best interests to solidify agreements with the other parent in negotiation or mediation.

Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a very effective method to rein in costs and reach divorce settlement agreements amicably. We understand that this is not achievable in every case. Our lawyers appear in Denton County family court regularly, and we are experienced, proven litigators. However, our reputation for success in court can often lead to best possible resolutions through negotiation or mediation. Many of our clients never have to appear in court.

We understand that divorce can be very emotional. Traditional litigation pits one side against the other, and those hard feelings may last long after the divorce is ordered. It is particularly difficult when children are involved, as they hate seeing their mom and dad fighting. That is why we offer mediation, or alternative dispute resolution, to help couples work through the difficult issues of divorce without going to trial.

We handle all types of family law concerns, including:

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