A Full Understanding Of Military Divorce Complexities

Family law cases involving a spouse in the military are unique and vastly more complex than others. Always emotional, when divorce or child custody disputes become an issue for a military family, the challenges can seem insurmountable.

The military family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Linda Risinger in Frisco have successfully handled family law matters for spouses and members of the U.S. military for over 30 years in Collin County, Denton County and surrounding areas.

We help service members and spouses of service members do what is best for themselves and their children. We understand military law and its complexities thoroughly.

Our attorneys are qualified to handle the unique family law matters of military parents, including:

Experience And Judgment Make A Difference — A Civilian Attorney Is An Asset

We understand the complex nature of military divorce, retirement benefits, medical benefits (including TRICARE), the implications of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and the special considerations necessary for child custody and visitation during deployment.

We recognize the challenges faced by stay-at-home spouses in securing child support based on guidelines set by the military or the Supreme Court of Texas, and we work diligently to find solutions.

We also understand that children should not be cut off from their extended families just because mom or dad is deployed. In fact, it may be more important for these ties to be strengthened during deployment, as these family members understand and share concerns.

A Bridge Between JAG Corps And Civilian Courts

Our office regularly works with JAG Corps in coordinating legal proceedings between JAG and civilian courts in Denton County and Collin County. We are the bridge between the two authorities. We will explain how the law affects your case, clarify your options and help you make informed decisions.

Our attorneys have the experience and judgment to facilitate what can seem an overwhelmingly complicated matter, and pursue the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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