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The Law Offices of Linda Risinger has represented members of the U.S. military and their spouses going through significant life changes for over 30 years. While the emotional elements are the same as a civilian marital dissolution, the legal challenges of a military divorce require a lawyer who is uniquely qualified to handle complex legal issues:

  • Special considerations in child custody matters involving active duty or deployment
  • Child support orders based on:
    • Leave and earnings statements
    • The guidelines for calculations set by the military or the Supreme Court of Texas
  • Property division complexities involving military retirement benefits and military medical benefits, specifically TRICARE

Helping You Confidently Overcome The Challenges Of Military Divorce

We handle all aspects of military divorce with comprehensive knowledge of the filing requirements while a spouse is serving in the military. Military divorce proceedings require that a local lawyer serves as a bridge between JAG Corps and Denton County or Collin County civilian courts. It benefits you to work with a lawyer who not only knows the drills, but also knows about to efficiently resolve complex matters in your best interests.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) may also play a role in military divorces. The federal law protects deployed and active duty service members from civil legal action when they cannot be granted leave to attend court proceedings. Legal matters, including divorce, must be delayed until the service member can return home.

Regardless of the complexity of your divorce, our attorneys combine hands-on experience and top-notch trial skills to secure your best possible outcomes. Most of our divorce cases do not require our attorneys to ever enter a courtroom precisely because our trial skills are so effective. We work diligently to finalize your divorce agreements cost-effectively in negotiations or mediation.

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