Parental Rehabilitation And Child Custody Rights

Parental Rights — Regaining Custody — Protecting Children’s Best Interests And Safety

Child custody cases complicated by issues of substance abuse and anger issues are exponentially more difficult for everyone involved. These cases are emotionally charged for both the parents as well as children. Extraordinary risk create delicate situations for children that the courts must weigh with extreme caution.

Ultimately, the court must walk a fine line. For example, balancing a child’s right to have a relationship with both parents despite the chemical addiction on one hand and the child’s safety on the other.

How a judge weighs the risks can be unpredictable, as there are no hard and fast rules to make a determination.

This is when our experience and credibility in the court can help our clients immensely. The Law Offices of Linda Risinger in Frisco can help parents who are battling or have successfully battled an addiction to re-establish their rights and responsibilities legally.

In our experience, the court will always respect a parent who has successfully demonstrated his or her commitment to substance abuse treatment, sobriety and parenthood. We serve clients with a variety of backgrounds throughout Denton County and Collin County.

Regaining Child Custody And Visitation Rights After Addiction Rehabilitation

In order to regain custody and visitation rights after treatment for substance abuse, a parent’s demonstration to the court that he or she has completed treatment, is successfully in recovery and does not currently use drugs or alcohol is essential.

Each case is unique. The length of time the process of regaining custody takes depends on many factors, such as whether or not there was an arrest involving drug-related criminal charges.

In cases that do not involve criminal charges, such as cases where the parent lost custody following a custody hearing or an intervention by Child Protective Services (CPS), if the parent has voluntarily entered and successfully completed rehab, the CPS may conduct an evaluation of the parent and present it to the court.

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