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Do I Need a Lawyer for a CPS Case in Collin County?

The Colony CPS investigation Attorney

Frisco Family Law Attorney Assisting With Child Protective Services Cases

Child welfare is taken very seriously by the State of Texas, and there are a variety of situations where Child Protective Services (CPS) may investigate a family based on suspected child abuse or neglect. For parents who know that they have not abused their child, cooperating with CPS may seem like the best way to handle this type of case, and they may believe that demonstrating that they have not committed abuse will be a simple matter. However, these types of cases can become complicated very quickly, and parents may find themselves subject to consequences. To avoid these issues, it is crucial for parents to contact an attorney as soon as they learn that they are being investigated by CPS.

With over 30 years of legal experience, the Law Office of Linda Risinger provides legal help in multiple types of family law cases, and we have represented numerous clients in situations involving CPS. We understand the procedures followed during a CPS investigation and after a case has been filed in court, and we know the best strategies that parents can use to avoid having their children removed from their home or other consequences that could affect the custody of their children or their relationships with other family members.

Legal Help During CPS Investigations

Child protective services may perform an investigation of a family based on reports that indicate that a child may be the victim of abuse or neglect. An investigation may consist of:

  • Interviews with children, parents, or other people who live in a child's home
  • Interviews with other people with knowledge of the situation, such as extended family members, teachers, medical professionals, or neighbors
  • Inspections of a parent's home
  • Obtaining copies of police reports, criminal records, medical records, or school records
  • Examinations of a child by medical or psychological professionals

At the conclusion of an investigation, CPS will issue a ruling known as a "disposition." A disposition of "reason to believe" will state that CPS believes that there is a greater than 50% chance that the alleged abuse or neglect occurred. A disposition of "ruled out" will state that CPS reasonably believes that the abuse or neglect did not occur based on the evidence uncovered during the investigation. CPS may also issue dispositions such as "unable to complete" or "unable to determine" if it was not able to find enough information to make an adequate determination about the case.

The best way you can protect your rights as a parent during CPS matters is to secure representation from a family law attorney as soon as you become aware of an investigation. At the Law Office of Linda Risinger, we can help you understand what you should and should not say to an investigator, whether you should allow a person to inspect your home, and the steps you can take to ensure that CPS does not interview your children at school without your consent. By addressing these issues quickly and effectively, we can help you avoid the consequences that may result from an investigation, which could include restrictions on your life and activities even in cases where CPS does not have sufficient reason to believe that abuse or neglect occurred.

Ideally, you will want to respond well before CPS files a case in court or takes action to remove your children from your home. Once a case enters the courtroom, these issues will become much more complex and expensive to resolve. However, if CPS has already taken action that affects your custody of your children, we can provide you with representation and defend your rights, and we will work to resolve this situation in a way that minimizes the harm to your family relationships.

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The Law Office of Linda Risinger can provide legal help and representation at any stage of a CPS case. Whether you are being investigated or need to respond to a ruling that will negatively affect your family, we can help you take steps to protect your rights and resolve your case in a positive manner. Contact us at 972-294-6533 to arrange a complimentary consultation. We assist with CPS cases and other family law matters in Dallas County, The Colony, Denton County, Frisco, Collin County, Plano, Prosper, Denton, Celina, McKinney, and Little Elm.

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