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If you are involved in, or expect to be involved in, a child support issue in Frisco or Plano, Texas, you may be required to attend a mandatory meeting at the Office of the Attorney General, the designated child support enforcement agency for the state of Texas. The office officially does not represent either parent, but the decisions made there are binding, like court decisions.

It is a good idea to hire an experienced attorney to look out for your best interests in this process, and it is smart to seek legal counsel sooner rather than later. We can save you a lot of hassle and a lot of time.

We encourage you to call us at 972-294-6533 to schedule a free initial consultation with a family law attorney at the Law Office of Linda Risinger.

The Child Support Case Process in Texas

The Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General does not represent the interests of either party. Their mission is to establish parentage and child support, enforce collection of child support payments that are in arrears, and review and adjust child support obligations. But, their orders often include conservatorship and possession provisions.

It may be tempting to represent yourself in child support proceedings, but that is a risky and uninformed move.

The Attorney General's Office nearest to our Frisco, Texas, office handles 200 to 300 cases on an average day. You may need to take the entire day off from work, as the meetings are scheduled for the day, not by time. If your hearing is not called that day, you will need to take another day off from work to avoid missing the proceeding.

Once you are invited into the proceedings, the staff cannot give your case any special attention, which means that you are entirely on your own, if you do not have an attorney.

How Can an Attorney Help You in This Process?

An attorney can look after your best interests. Our law firm has represented many clients in child support cases. We understand the process and how to produce efficient, favorable results in all divorce matters.

Before we attend the meeting at the Attorney General's Office with you, we review your child support case and make sure we have documentation to verify income and insurance coverage.

In addition, you must be able to prove all sources, frequency and duration of income. If you work overtime only occasionally, get a certain portion of income during only part of the year or your income fluctuates for any other reason, you need to be sure it is well-documented.

Unless you can prove that the income is only occasional, the Office of the Attorney General may count the overtime as steady, weekly income, which will count toward your total child support obligation.

We Save Our Clients Time and Stress

Our clients are often in and out of the Office of the Attorney General by the end of the morning, so they are free to head back to work. When you work with our team, we contact the Attorney General's Office on your behalf, so you do not have to spend time on the phone waiting for the next representative.

We represent the custodial parent or the noncustodial parent in child support cases from Denton County and Collin County. In cases where there is a disparity in costs for uninsured medications, we advocate for a split of costs based on the ability to pay, not a 50-50 split.

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To learn more about our firm and how we can help with your child support case, contact our office. Call 972-294-6533 to set up a free consultation with a trusted child support lawyer today. We serve clients in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Denton, Denton County, Collin County, and the surrounding communities.

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