A Father’s Right To Custody And Visitation In Texas

While perceptions regarding fathers and their relationships with their children continue to evolve the law makes one thing clear: fathers have rights too. The law looks at what is in the best interests of the child, not the gender of the parent. However, obtaining custody rights is still often an uphill climb for frustrated fathers wanting to continue a nurturing relationship with their children.

Striving To Even The Odds On Behalf Of Divorced Fathers

Attorney Linda Risinger knows that divorce is a disruption to every family member, but children feel it the most. One household is becoming two. However, that does not mean that both parents cannot split time with the children equally and partner on decisions involving education, health care and religious choices.

Linda also understands the challenges that fathers continue to face. Mothers have been considered the more nurturing parent for centuries. Only in the past several decades has the dynamic between fathers and children evolved. While a growing number of fathers have stepped up to provide love and support for their sons and daughters, misconceptions still exist.

The Law Says Both Parents Have Equal Rights

Our Texas State Constitution provides that custody decisions shall not be made according to gender.

When determining child custody and visitation agreements in Texas, looking out for the best interests of the children is the standard.

A father who played an active role in the lives of his children during the marriage is entitled to continue those relationships. A dad who chose to live close to his children and pushes sincerely for parental rights after his marriage ends is showing a commitment to continued contact with his kids. This kind of commitment can also mean that he is the better parent to raise his children.

What you may see as overly complex and impossible to overcome is an obstacle our lawyers will gladly overcome on your behalf. Our job is to pursue the best possible outcome for both you and your children.

Speak With An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights As A Father

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