Moving Out Of Collin County As A Divorced Parent

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A job loss or family emergency may necessitate a move out of state. Divorce agreements that involve custody and support make a move challenging and require the attention of an attorney experienced in handling complex parental relocations.

At the Law Offices of Linda Risinger, we represent Collin County residents in relocation cases while looking out for the best interests of our clients’ children.

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When One Parent Moves Away Custody, Visitation And Support Orders Often Need To Be Modified

The right job can be difficult to secure. A sick relative across the country may need around-the-clock care. However, career and health care needs are trumped by the needs of your children. Even the needs of parents are secondary to those of their sons and daughters.

Our lawyers in Collin County know child relocation and parental interests do not always match up. We help our clients navigate through a complex relocation negotiation process. We look for areas of flexibility in reviewing the situation and identifying the goals of both spouses. The Collin County courts are open to such arrangements.

Child support amounts and child custody and visitation schedules can be modified when one parent lives in a different state. Longer visits and reduced support payments can ease the burden that the noncustodial parent faces.

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