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Denton County Child Protective Services Attorney

Denton County CPS investigation attorney

Lawyer for CPS Cases That Affect Parental Rights and Custody of Children in Denton County

Regardless of what side you are on in an investigation involving Denton County Child Protective Services (CPS), you need an experienced attorney standing by your side throughout the process. Alleging or defending yourself against child abuse or child neglect requires immediate protection of your rights.

Attorney Linda Risinger has helped Denton County residents get through difficult family law matter for over 30 years and find resolutions that last, including matters that involve CPS procedures and laws.

If you suspect abuse of a child or you face serious accusations of an assault or neglect, please call us today at 972-294-6533. Initial consultations with Linda are FREE.

Protecting the Rights of Parents and the Safety of Children

From the moment you retain our legal services to defend against an accusation of child abuse, we will educate you on the process and what to expect in a Denton County CPS investigation.

Stressful times may impair your decision-making ability. Far too much is at stake to try and resolve this matter on your own by talking to authorities yourself. In fact, do not speak to authorities without legal representation!

You have rights that need immediate and aggressive representation. You and your child deserve the best legal representation available — an attorney who is well-known in Denton County courts and by Denton County CPS.

Child Protection — Reporting Abuse or Neglect to CPS

Discovering that a close relative or neighbor is possibly abusing or neglecting a child also requires fast action. Before taking your claim to Denton County CPS, we encourage you to contact our law firm. We will advise you on what does and what does not constitute emotional and physical child abuse.

With such an important matter, you need the facts before moving forward with serious child abuse allegations. You will also benefit from experienced legal counsel and support in the best interests of the child. When necessary, we take effective action as quickly as the law will allow.

Contact Our Denton County CPS Matters Lawyer

Please call our offices at 972-294-6533, or contact us online to speak with a lawyer who will help you take quick and prudent action in accordance with all CPS procedures and related child protection laws.

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