No Alimony, Now What?

One of the biggest post-divorce fears relates to an unstable financial future. Clients come to the Law Offices of Linda Risinger wondering how they will make ends meet or maintain their lifestyle after divorce.

We help our clients understand their options. We can put your mind at ease in the midst of the divorce process. While challenges exist, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can find creative solutions for the next chapter of your life.

For more than 30 years, Linda Risinger — the founder of our Frisco-based law firm — has provided that level of dedicated and personalized service for area residents going through divorce.

Our job is to help you maintain the lifestyle you enjoy and explore new professional and educational opportunities. Please call us at 972-294-6533 to schedule a free initial consultation.

A Spousal Support (Alimony) Lawyer Focused On Your Future

Alimony statutes in Texas are unique. Spousal support is not automatically ordered and is capped at 36 months. Proving financial needs can be challenging. At the Law Offices of Linda Risinger, we know that financial peace of mind is vital. That requires us to develop detailed and innovative plans to secure your financial future.

You may need help with house payments. Insurance issues require negotiation of COBRA coverage, particularly with older clients dealing with medical problems. While spousal support addresses immediate needs, long-term requirements must be considered. With the help of an estate planning lawyer, we can create a hybrid plan of current income-producing wealth that involves deferred money.

We want you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle now and in the future.

Speak With An Attorney About Alimony

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