Military Retirement Division During Divorce

Our Frisco-based lawyers regularly navigate Texas residents through the complexities of military divorce and related family law matters. As with all marital dissolution, emotional issues clash with legal issues. Our job is to provide personalized representation, attending to every detail while always focusing on the best outcome for our clients and their children.

The Complexities Of Military Retirement Benefits In Divorce

Property and asset division must follow Texas laws. However, federal regulations also apply in military divorces. The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) addresses the division of retirement benefits such as military pension plans.

How Does It All Work? What Options Do You Have?

Disposable retired pay is considered marital property subject to division after any qualified deductions. It is directly paid to the ex-spouse of the military service member. There are unique aspects of military retirement, such as Thrift Savings Plans and Survivor Benefit Plan annuities.

In the division of retirement pay, former military spouses must provide proper documentation while meeting certain eligibility requirements. The marriage must have lasted 10 years or longer while the service member performed 10 years of creditable military service.

In addition to retired pay, former spouse coverage exists through a Survivor Benefit Plan annuity, if the retired service member dies.

The Importance Of Local Legal Counsel In Denton County Or Collin County

Division of retirement benefits presents considerable challenges that require seasoned legal counsel. When it comes to retirement pay that provides a level of financial security, the stakes are particularly high, and disputes can become extremely contentious. Our job is to find resolution, whether that involves mediation or litigation.

We do what is best for our clients, and we will help you make informed decisions to achieve your short- and long-term goals.

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