Getting Divorced? Know How Much Your Business Is Worth.

Whether you and your family built your business from the ground up or purchased it, you want to preserve the investments you’ve made and you deserve a fair resolution in divorce — a situation you may never have thought you’d face.

You need an attorney with the experience to value your business accurately and to make sure your interests are aggressively protected in this complex assets matter.

Attorney Linda Risinger has over 30 years of experience handling highly disputed divorces for Texas business owners and their spouses. She is significantly practiced in Denton County and Collin County courts, and she will develop a strategy with you to effectively mitigate your risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Business valuations are often an issue in already complex, high net worth divorces. Protect your rights and preserve your business interests. Call us at 972-294-6533.

Fair And Accurate Family Business Valuation In Divorce Is Critical

Without prenuptial agreements or other contractual agreements describing how co-owners in a business would buy or sell their interests, there can be a long legal battle over the value of the assets. This is costly for both of you, and it can sink a business.

We help define and agree on strategy and valuation methods with the business appraiser. As your attorney, we can help you negotiate a fair, equitable settlement for division of business assets.

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Attorney Linda Risinger has represented clients on both sides of business valuations and property divisions. Our team is accomplished in remedying the disputes that can arise in a divorce over dividing a professional practice or a family business.

Please call our Frisco offices at 972-294-6533, or email us directly to schedule a free initial consultation with Linda.

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