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Collin County, Texas Family Law Attorney

Collin County attorney for paternity, domestic violence, and CPS investigations

Lawyer Providing Legal Help With Divorce, Child Custody, and Other Family-Related Matters in Collin County

We have proudly served family law clients throughout North Texas for over 30 years, providing aggressive defense and compassionate support to clients facing the difficult issues of divorce, including child support, child custody, property division, and much more.

Solid Advocates in Your Corner

When you consult with our firm, you gain an experienced advocate who will stand up for your rights and promote the interests of you and your children. You may be divorcing your spouse, but your children are yours forever, and your relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse will have to continue in some amicable form for the sake of your children, in most cases.

Your unique family law matters will not always fit the schedule of regular business hours. In fact, that is a rarity. We understand that. Our attorneys are committed to responding with supportive legal counsel and action whenever our clients need us.

Resolving Contentious Issues

Some of the most contentious issues in divorce are child custody and support, followed by property and asset division:

  • Because Texas is a community property state, any property acquired during the marriage, including debts, must be divided between the spouses. Property owned before the marriage may be considered separate property, and may not be subject to property division by the court, but if this property has grown in value during the marriage, that portion may be considered marital property.
  • Likewise, parents generally have close to equal parental rights concerning their children, though this differs if parents are not married. Mothers often do not get custody and child support by default these days, and sometimes it is better for a child to be with their father.
    • There are a number of factors that allow the judge to determine child custody, visitation, and support parameters. Achieving an agreement with the opposing party in negotiation or mediation can be a great benefit to your peace of mind and to your children. It is always better to make parenting decisions with the other parent, rather than leaving it to a judge who does not know you or your children.

Is Mediation Right for Your Case?

We are experienced litigators, and we provide support for mediation. Mediation is less costly and time-consuming than protracted trial work. The divorcing spouses meet with a neutral third-party negotiator who, along with your attorney, helps them work out sensitive issues like child custody, visitation, and support outside of a formal courtroom. The decision of a mediator is non-binding. If negotiations during mediation fail, litigation is the next step.

We also handle every other type of family law concern, including:

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