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Denton County Parental Relocation Lawyer

Denton County parental relocation attorney

Attorney for Child Custody and Support Modifications When a Parent Plans to Move Out of Denton County

There are times when a move out of state is necessary. The choice of working close to home is not always an option for each parent. Many people in Denton County find themselves leaving Texas or moving to another city to further their careers. Serious medical problems of a family member may also require a move to attend to those needs.

While relocation is sometimes necessary by spouses following a divorce, you still need representation from an experienced attorney if you plan to relocate and retain child custody and visitation rights in accordance with your divorce agreements.

At the Law Office of Linda Risinger in Frisco, we go above and beyond to provide clients in Lewisville and Denton County the advocacy they need during parental relocation negotiations and proceedings.

If you are looking at a move or fighting a spouse seeking to relocate outside the state, please call us at 972-294-6533 to speak with attorney Linda N. Risinger.

Texas Law: Children Have the Right to Be With Both Parents

The courts put children's interests before those of their parents. With the need for relocation, many of our clients wonder if they have any recourse.

With over 30 years of divorce litigation experience in Denton County, attorney Linda Risinger knows child relocation laws and can protect your interests. She will gain a thorough understanding of your case and identify areas of negotiation.

Developing New Custody and Visitation Plans

Visitation that involves higher travel costs can result in longer stays with one parent and lesser amounts to pay in child support. The courts are flexible with several types of arrangements, provided that the best interests of the children come first and foremost.

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Please call our firm in Frisco at 972-294-6533, or contact us directly to hear back from us shortly and set up a free consultation. We look forward to defending your case and helping you navigate this process efficiently.

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