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Family bonds are legal as well as emotional bonds. The Law Offices of Linda Risinger in Frisco, Texas, has helped families throughout North Texas with passion and dedication for over 30 years. We understand where you are coming from, where you would like to be and how to get you there.

Sound Judgment — Accessible And Responsive Legal Representation

Our priority is to provide you with the peace of mind achieved by knowing what to expect from your case. We work to make legal language accessible, to explain how it applies to you and to make your options clear, so you can make informed decisions.

Your decisions are not always easy. We will be patient and help you understand each decision fully. We also understand that the ultimate decision is yours: your life, your retirement, your children and their well-being.

We listen actively to understand your goals, so we can be effective partners when devising a strategy customized to your unique situation. We are always attuned to your needs, and we always have an open door and willing ear.

Our attorneys know regular business hours do not always fit the schedule of family law matters. We are supportive and responsive to our clients’ needs whenever they arise.

Family Court In Collin County And Denton County

In addition to divorce and associated issues, we handle matters in which the law affects families otherwise. Our attorneys advise and offer our services in the Collin County and Denton County courtrooms in cases such as:

  • Pre- and postnuptial agreements: Agreements that outline how assets and debts will be managed in the event of a divorce can be immensely useful to avoid conflict, preserve peace of mind and set goals in your relationship.
  • Adoption: Adoption day is one of the happiest days in our practice, but it can be a journey to get there. We walk you through a sometimes complicated process, make each step clear to you and work hard to ensure your parental rights are absolutely secure.
  • Stepparent adoption: We work with traditional families, blended families and parents of the same sex. The bonds that unite family are universal in that they are some of the strongest. We help families build in legal protections to protect both children and parents’ rights.

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