4 tips for a successful divorce mediation

| Aug 30, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Divorce mediation is gaining popularity for a few important reasons. While you may appreciate that mediation is often less expensive than a protracted court battle, you are also likely to enjoy the reduced stress that tends to accompany alternate dispute resolution

As you may suspect, though, some divorce mediations are more successful than others. While working with counsel who understands how to mediate a high-asset divorce is critical, you also need to prepare yourself for the mediation process. Here are four tips for making your divorce mediation a success: 

1. Decide what really matters 

In divorce court, spouses often fight for the sake of fighting. That should not be the case with alternate dispute resolution, though. While you can likely expect some friction, you should decide what matters to you. By listing your priorities, you can choose both when to push back and when to concede. 

2. Think about making the first offer 

The old adage “you do not know until you ask” is true in mediation. For a variety of reasons, those who make the first offer in mediation tend to reach a more appealing settlement. As such, you should be ready to negotiate when you start mediation. 

3. Tackle obstacles early 

Even though you may not care about giving up certain assets, there may be some obstacles to doing so. If you think your soon-to-be ex-spouse is apt to ask for something you do not mind giving away, try to the eliminate any barriers to the transaction before you get to mediation. 

4. Keep an open mind 

Mediation should be a collaborative and thoughtful process. Chances are good that there are a few different ways to dissolve your marriage. By keeping an open mind and resisting the urge to hurt your partner, you may be in a better position to reach an acceptable agreement. 

Mediation is not right for every divorcing couple. Still, with the many advantages of using alternate dispute resolution, you may have a better experience by choosing to mediate. If you do, working diligently, carefully and optimistically is likely the right approach.