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3 myths people still believe about child custody

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Divorce is typically a straightforward process, but there are times when it can become substantially more complicated and heartbreaking. For instance, some couples in Texas have contemplated divorce so that they can afford medical care for their ill or disabled children.

Another factor that can make divorce harder is the litany of myths that persist about the process. In particular, child custody creates a lot of headaches. That is why it is important to separate fact from fiction.

Myth #1: As long as there is equal custody time, neither parent has to pay child support

In most cases, parents will share joint custody of any children. Even if the custody is a perfect 50/50 split, one parent may still need to pay the other child support. The goal of child support is to resolve any income disparity between the two parties. Children should enjoy the same lifestyle and resources with both parents.

Myth #2: It is simple to change a custody agreement down the line

Circumstances change over time. One parent may have a change in work or income and require a modification to the schedule. While it is certainly possible, it can be difficult. Judges prefer to maintain the status quo to maintain the best interest of the child. Therefore, most judges will require substantial evidence that suggests a change in the custody agreement would be better for the child.

Myth #3: The children get to decide which parent they live with

The court takes a number of factors into consideration to determine child custody. One of those factors will definitely be the child's preference as long as he or she is mature enough to voice a valid opinion. However, that is not the sole factor. Children may not know what ultimately works in their best interests, and that is up to the judge to determine.

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