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Divorce mediation is all about effective communication

 Posted on December 06, 2018 in Uncategorized

When divorce is inevitable, most couples dread contentious litigation and the possibility of a bitter outcome.

Mediation is another, quite different option that focuses on effective communication between the parties resulting in a satisfactory agreement and no need to go to court.

How divorce mediation works

A mediator is a neutral third party who guides a divorcing couple through a process in which they communicate with each other in a reasonable manner and work out the terms of their divorce agreement. The mediator provides the couple with the issues that they must address prior to drafting the final agreement. When disagreements arise, the mediator will assist the couple in getting the conversations back on track.

The advantages of mediation

Traditional divorce can cost thousands of dollars, and it is not unusual for the proceedings to drag on for months. By contrast, mediation is much more economical and a considerably faster process. It is also private, whereas litigation is open to public scrutiny. The greatest advantage is that the parties can make their own decisions and do not have to begin their separate lives by submitting to the decisions of the court. For this reason, mediation also has a high success rate.

Co-parenting benefits

Divorcing couples find that mediation is much less stressful than litigation for everyone concerned, especially the children. The parties must communicate in order to reach agreement, and having learned to do that, they can become better communicators as co-parents. Even though they are ending their marriage, parents must work together for the welfare of their children, and mediation provides a framework for family relationships going forward.

An amicable divorce

Mediation is a common practice in the state of Texas; in fact, many counties require it. The decision to end a marriage is gut-wrenching, and neither party needs to through more conflict and animosity. Couples who can still communicate and who abhor the thought of a courtroom battle may opt for mediation and an amicable divorce.

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