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How can collaborative law help in your high-asset divorce?

 Posted on February 19, 2020 in Uncategorized

When it comes to ending your marriage, litigation can be emotionally and financially draining.

If you are facing a high-asset divorce, you may want a process that is effective but more respectful of your time, money and fragile state of mind. Collaborative divorce is an option to consider.

The way it works

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will use professional help to develop a divorce agreement that is satisfactory to you both. You will each hire an attorney specially trained in collaborative law to provide guidance and assist in negotiating a settlement. You will meet separately with your attorneys, but the four of you will also meet on a regular schedule.

What to expect

There are many advantages to collaborative divorce as compared to litigation:

  • You and your spouse will exchange information voluntarily.
  • You will agree on simplified procedures that reduce expenses.
  • You can establish a temporary agreement to stabilize your situation.
  • You will work together to determine how to effectively handle post-divorce issues.

Many couples also appreciate the privacy of collaborative divorce versus having to air their differences in a public courtroom. Although you will eventually have to appear in front of a judge, your time in court will be brief. Once you and your spouse agree on all the issues, you set the foundation for an uncontested divorce procedure. A judge will sign the agreement you created without the necessity for adversarial hearings or other legal maneuvering.

Advantages overall

Collaborative divorce as a form of alternative dispute resolution is a much less stressful option than litigation. A public divorce in court can be a long, drawn-out and bitter process, especially when there are significant assets. Shielding children from unnecessary turmoil, reducing conflict and establishing a solid foundation for helping everyone in the family move ahead is why many couples opt for collaborative divorce.

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