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How to resolve a divorce in an amicable manner

 Posted on February 16, 2021 in Divorce

While a divorce can be a contentious affair, you can choose to end your marriage amicably. Instead of asking a Texas judge to craft a settlement, you and your spouse may be able to come to terms on who gets the house, custody of the pets or control of a joint bank account outside of court.

Do you communicate well with your spouse?

If you communicate well with your spouse, you may be able to agree to an amicable divorce settlement by engaging in informal talks. In some cases, you may be able to come to an agreement without the assistance of a mediator or other outside parties. However, you may want to consider working with a professional as he or she may be able to make sure that the talks remain cordial and focused on settling the divorce in a timely manner.

Compromise is key

As a general rule, the best settlements are the ones in which neither side gets everything that he or she wants. Ideally, you'll focus on obtaining what you need to maintain a reasonable lifestyle after the marriage ends. It can be easier to get what you need by giving your spouse what he or she needs to survive on his or her own. For example, you may be able to keep the marital home in exchange for letting your spouse have a sports memorabilia collection.

Do what it takes to protect your children

If you have children, it's important to take steps to shield them from the sordid details of your divorce. It may be easier to accomplish this goal by ending a marriage through mediation as opposed to litigation. This is because what happens during a mediation session isn't available to the public while what happens in court is a matter of public record.

An attorney may help you settle a divorce in an amicable, timely and affordable fashion. He or she may represent your interests during mediation sessions or review the terms of any deal you made outside of court before it takes effect.

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