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Tips for co-parenting during parent-teacher conferences

 Posted on October 03, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many teachers talk to divorced parents during routine conferences. With the new school year now in full swing, many parents have to deal with this, but it does not have to be a contentious issue.

The first conference after a divorce can be awkward. However, by keeping a few simple tips in mind, both spouses can get through it maturely.

Manage emotions

You never want your emotions to get the better of you when dealing with an ex in any capacity. If you and a former spouse see each other for a first parent-teacher conference, then it is vital to be ready. You should take a few deep breaths or go on a long walk beforehand to calm yourself down so you are more at ease while in the classroom.

Focus on your child

Instead of worrying about seeing your ex, you should think about how your child needs help. The purpose of this visit is to learn about your son or daughter's academic performance. Keep the conversation on track by coming in with a list of questions to ask the teacher. This allows you to speak more to the teacher than your ex.

Do not blame your ex for your child's shortcomings

In the event your child struggles in a certain area, you do not want to blame your former spouse in front of the teacher, as this only creates unnecessary conflict. You also do not want to try to come across as the "best" parent because you do everything right when your child is with you. Chances are good that there are things both of you can do to help your daughter or son.

Keep private matters private

Your ex may say something during the conference that bothers you. If this happens, then do not make a scene with the teacher present. Instead, the two of you should have a private conversation later, away from your child.

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