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What are the goals of divorce mediation?

 Posted on June 15, 2021 in Divorce

This blog has recently discussed the benefits of mediation and also debunking myths about mediation. It is also helpful to understand the value of divorce mediation in the context of the goals of mediation.

The goals for divorce mediation

The goals of divorce mediation include:

  • The creation of an equitably, legally sound and mutually acceptable divorce settlement agreement;
  • Avoiding the expense and trauma oftentimes associated with litigation; and
  • Minimizing hostility and post-divorce controversies

By achieving the goals for divorce mediation, the divorcing couple may not only reach a divorce settlement agreement that is favorable but may also enjoy the benefit of creating a framework and process for resolving future disputes that may come up. The mediation process uniquely positions the divorcing couple to achieve their divorce-related goals because of the unique nature of the process and its differences from divorce litigation.

Why a mediated divorce may be better

A protracted and prolonged divorce process can lead to excessive costs and an excessive amount of time spent which can lead to increased acrimony between the divorcing couple. The mediation and settlement process if normally quicker and can reduce costs and the amount of time spent arguing over divorce-related issues. The divorce mediation process can help divorcing couples resolve child custody and other divorce-related considerations.

The mediation process can also avoid the uncertainty of trial, protect the couple’s confidentiality and help minimize stressful conflict. Divorce mediation is an important family law resource that can help guide divorcing couples through the divorce process and achieve the couple’s goals for their divorce settlement.

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