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What can you do if your child's grades slip during your divorce?

 Posted on March 29, 2021 in Divorce

Filing for divorce in Texas is a challenging time for parents and their children. While you're trying to navigate through the divorce process, your child might have trouble concentrating on their schoolwork. How can you keep their grades from slipping when you have so much on your plate?

Tips on keeping your child focused on school

During the divorce process, school is one of the few things that give your child a sense of normalcy. Make sure you focus on your child's education just as much as you did before you filed for divorce. While it's easy to focus on other things, you should set expectations for your child and encourage them to keep up with their schoolwork. If you're not paying attention to them, they might give up on their grades altogether.

If possible, you should communicate with your former spouse to make sure that you have a consistent set of rules in both households. If you make your child do their homework but your former spouse doesn't, your child will probably start thinking that education isn't important. They might even want to spend more time with their other parent because they're the "fun" parent. You and your former spouse should set up a consistent schedule for your child to complete their homework and participate in after-school activities.

It's also important to plan ahead for your child's future. Where do you want your child to go to college? Which parent will pay for expenses? How can your child prepare for college while they're still in high school? Your divorce attorney might help you initiate these conversations with your former spouse.

What makes divorce so stressful for children?

Divorce is stressful for the parents, and it can be traumatic for your children. You and your former spouse know why you're getting divorced and what to expect from the proceedings but your children might not understand the situation, leading to a lot of anxieties about the future. An attorney may offer suggestions that make the divorce as easy as possible on your children.

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