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What Should I Expect from a Texas CPS Investigation?

 Posted on August 23, 2022 in Child Protective Services

Texas CPS investigation lawyerLearning you are being investigated by Texas Child Protective Services can feel like you are living in a waking nightmare. In addition to the questions you have and the anxiety you feel, you may also be dealing with feelings of indignation and outrage. Considering that CPS is notorious for getting involved in situations where the idea of parental neglect is ridiculous (and for frequently neglecting to get involved in situations where children are in serious danger), it can feel like an enormous waste of time. 

However, it is still very important to take any investigation seriously, whether you feel it is merited or not. CPS has an enormous amount of power and many good parents have gotten trapped in the cogs of the system. Fortunately, you can maximize the chances of a favorable outcome by getting aggressive legal help from a Texas family law attorney. 

What Will CPS Agents Do? 

The first question many parents have is why they are being investigated in the first place. Accusations of abuse and neglect are easily made but much harder to defend against. People like neighbors, teachers, and even vindictive exes can make anonymous reports without any thought as to how their actions could upturn the lives of the parent against whom the accusations are made. 

Nevertheless, CPS is required to investigate all allegations and determine whether they are true. Investigators will want to talk to you and the child, and will likely want to inspect your home. They can also talk to people involved in your child’s life - doctors, teachers, friends, and other family members. They may want to take pictures of suspicious bruises or other injuries on your child, as well as pictures of your home. They may obtain copies of important documents, such as police records, medical records, and school records. 

How Should I Behave During a CPS Investigation? 

It is important to be polite and non-combative towards CPS employees. Even if there was no basis for the original accusations, acting with hostility toward CPS employees may cast a suspicious light on your character. If necessary, you can offer the investigator the contact information of people who can testify to your positive parenting capabilities. 

If the investigation stemmed from a concern about an injury your child suffered, be prepared to offer an explanation for how they were hurt. If there were any witnesses at the time of the injury, be prepared to contact them. Having an attorney present during questioning can help you feel more confident and prevent you from accidentally saying something that could inadvertently harm you. 

Contact a Frisco CPS Investigation Lawyer

Finding out you are being investigated by Child Protective Services can be frightening and humiliating. Fortunately, you do not have to go through the experience alone. Get valuable representation and legal advice throughout the entire CPS investigation by calling the The Law Office of Linda Risinger today at 972-294-6533. Our Collin County CPS investigation attorney is here and ready to help. 




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