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As a military parent, you may have concerns about how your divorce will affect your ability to spend time with your children. However, the courts recognize that it is in the children's best interests to maintain a healthy relationship with you.

Here are some ideas to help you keep up the bond you have with your children after divorce.

1. Create a military parenting plan


Dividing the marital property in a divorce can mean tackling a lot of complicated issues. Knowing some basics about how the process works can help you make informed decisions at the various stages of your case.

When divorcing couples litigate their case in court, the judge typically issues orders on disputed issues. Some couples who do not have major disagreements may opt instead to draft an agreement with the help of their attorneys. For others, mediation can provide a fruitful way to negotiate disputes. Whichever way you take, understanding the standard approach to property division can help you define your goals for the process.

Just and fair division


Couples wishing to divorce in Texas have several legal hoops to jump through. One of these is the parenting plan, which Texas law requires you to submit if you are divorcing with children. Lawmakers introduced this requirement to promote the best interests of the children and encourage the parents to cooperate in setting up effective parenting arrangements going forward.

Understanding what to expect with your parenting plan and what to include will make it easier and faster to get through the process successfully.

The plan will be part of the final order


Transitioning to single parent status

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If you are going through a divorce, you probably cannot wait for it to be over and to be able to say you are single. Although 34 percent of children live in a single-parent home, the situation is still treated as though it is abnormal. You are not alone as a single parent, even though it can feel that way. There are things you can do to make the transition easier.

Practice self-care

You are going to grieve the loss of your relationship. Knowing this helps you be ready for those days when you just do not want to get dressed and be an adult. Take time to do things for yourself when the other parent has the children. It is okay to enjoy your time alone.


Signs your spouse is hiding assets

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Impending divorce can bring out the worst in a person, especially when it comes to finances. Many spouses begin squirrelling away assets in order to avoid having to share them with the soon-to-be-ex in the course of property distribution. If you are thinking about divorce, it pays to stay alert to signs of secretive financial activities. Otherwise, by the time the court is dividing up marital assets, the hidden assets may be long gone.

Sudden changes in spending and withdrawals

Abrupt and unexplained changes in financial habits can serve as a red flag. If your spouse suddenly begins withdrawing amounts of money and refusing to tell you what for, you may want to look further. Once withdrawn and turned into cash, the money will be hard to track.


Can a divorced couple co-parent?

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The American Coalition for Fathers & Children reports that the "vast majority of kids want more time" with the non-custodial parent following a divorce. While there are some situations in which it is difficult to stay connected, in general, the State of Texas presumes that children need to have contact with both parents and encourages parents to stay involved with their children. If two people cannot live together and parent, how can they ever learn to co-parent following the divorce? It is possible.

Here are some tips to help you and the other parent work together:

  • Remember that co-parenting is the best option for the children. It helps them to feel more secure, and they benefit from the consistency of rules and rewards between homes. It sets an example for getting along and for problem-solving that may help your child do better in school and social settings.
  • Separate your feelings from your behavior. You might be hurt and angry, and you probably have every right to be, but do not let these feelings dictate how you behave. Think of your divorce as a new relationship with your ex-spouse. It is not going to be easy, but when you stay focused on what is important (your kids), you can remember why you need to act with grace and purpose.
  • Do not use the kids as messengers. Keep negative feelings about your ex to yourself, and do not try to compete with the other parent. Your child has enough love to go around. Make good memories with your time instead of complaining.
  • Find a mediator who can help you with the big problems. Learn from your mediator for the next time.
  • Before saying anything, think about what is best for the child. Breathe and be flexible.
  • Create an online calendar that can be updated by both of you. Give the other parent the opportunity to be present during doctor's appointments and school events. No, you do not have to be the secretary, but a shared calendar is good for communication.
  • Aim for some consistency when it comes to rules and schedules. Try to get your child to bed around the same time as the other parent. Make sure schoolwork is done before playtime.
  • Co-parenting is not 50/50 parenting, it is shared parenting.

Find a lawyer who focuses on your goals


How divorce affects young children

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Divorce is seldom easy for anyone involved, but when there are young children, it can be much more difficult. That is because the effects of divorce on children are unique, and they differ quite widely according to the child's age. If you are facing a divorce and want to know how to approach the topic with young children, there are a few best practices that are well-supported by research.

Communication is essential

According to an article posted by the Michigan State University Extension, the key to helping young children understand and process the changes that happen during a divorce is communication. Depending on the age of the child, her or his level of understanding might be fairly limited. By openly discussing what is happening and why without assigning blame, it is easier for children to come to terms with those changes. The best results occur when parents communicate with the children together, and these tips can help things go more smoothly:


How retirement plans are divided in divorce

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If you and your spouse are getting divorced and either of you have retirement plans, you may be required to share a certain amount of these assets. Whether you are receiving or giving up funds, it is important to understand how asset division applies to retirement investments.

Handling these assets properly is crucial to ensure the correct party pays applicable taxes.

Retirement plans are community property


Co-parenting is often a delicate balance in the best of situations. However, when you work as a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor or journalist, it can get even trickier. Your hours are "odd," and they may also be unpredictable. Here are some ideas for co-parenting effectively when you find yourself in such a situation.

Provide as much consistency as possible

Your job may not allow for huge amounts of consistency like your ex's can, but you can still be consistent to an extent. For instance, perhaps you will always have one weekend a month off, no matter what, or you will usually call your child every night between 6 and 8. Phone calls, postal mail, gifts, extended visits and absolute times off are just a few of the areas in which you can be consistent; attending as many sports events and parent-teacher conferences as possible are other ways, and creativity helps. There is also internal consistency; that is, when your child is with you, he or she generally knows what to expect.


Same-sex adoption in Texas

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Many same-sex couples are looking to grow their families. Whether through adoption, artificial insemination or surrogacy, it is important to understand the legal requirements and to know what your options are. Here are a few things you should know and prepare for before you begin.

Can I adopt?

The answer is yes. However, it is important to understand the different types of adoption and the adoption laws in the state of Texas.


Mediation is getting to be a very popular way of settling divorce cases outside of court. Not only is it more economical and efficient than litigation, it also gives the parties more control over the outcome of their case, which leads to more sustainable agreements.

For these reasons, mediation is a great option. However, it doesn't always work. During the mediation process, the parties (and their lawyers) negotiate the terms of their divorce - such as property division, child custody and alimony - with assistance from a third-party neutral mediator.

The mediator does not make any decisions, so if the parties cannot reach an agreement, then the mediation fails and litigation is often required to finalize the divorce. The good news is that mediation is successful in many cases, especially when:


If you follow entertainment news, then you know that on Sept. 20 it was reported that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, creating an unhappy ending for one of Hollywood's most beloved couples.

Just two days later, the story became even grimmer when it was reported that Pitt is under investigation for alleged child abuse, and the incident led Jolie to file for divorce. Her divorce filing lists Sept. 15 as the date of the couple's separation, which was one day after the alleged abuse happened on a private plane.

In a statement released by one of Jolie's divorce lawyers said "this decision was made for the health of the family."


Divorce involves a lot more than ending a marriage and the emotions that come along with the significant life change.

There are also numerous legal issues that need to be considered, including dividing marital property, addressing child custody issues if children are involved, and determining if alimony applies.

When one or both of the spouses is an active or retired member of the military, the issues only get more complex. One reason for this is because both state and federal laws apply, unlike in civilian divorce, which is governed by state law.


By now, most children in Texas have returned to school, while many parents are feeling the stress of managing busy fall schedules. This is especially true for single parents, who have to take on many of the duties themselves.

Here are five ways single parents can help remove some of the stress that comes along with getting into a new routine this school year:

1. Get organized.


5 steps to avoid poverty after a divorce

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Everyone knows that divorce can be expensive. But few people realize how costly it can be for women, especially women over the age of 50.

According to data, the divorce rate for the baby-boomer generation has skyrocketed, with divorces among people over the age of 50 doubling between 1990 and 2010.

Why are women at risk of poverty after a divorce?


If you are contemplating divorce you are likely uncertain and anxious about what the future holds. You probably have several questions racing through you mind. Will I have custody of my children? How will the property be divided? Where will I live? Is my standard of living going to change?

Choosing mediation instead of litigation is one way you can have more control over the answers to these questions.

What is divorce mediation?


Family is everything to most parents. Nothing can be more upsetting for a mother or father than having their parenting abilities questioned or having their children taken away from them.

What is CPS?

Texas Child Protective Services ( CPS) is the program that investigates when there is an allegation that a parent (or other family/household member) is abusing or neglecting a child.

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