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3 tips for co-parenting during parent-teacher conferences

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Parent-teacher conferences are often a joyous occasion. In addition to meeting your child's teachers and getting acquainted with their curriculum, you may learn about your kid's success in class and hear more about her or his academic strengths. You will likely emerge from the conference a proud parent, but the stress from sharing the time with your ex may put a damper on the excitement and pride you should be feeling.

It is important to develop some co-parenting strategies prior to attending the parent-teacher conference. Utilizing the following tips can help prevent tension and ensure the meeting is a productive discussion of your child's academic performance.

1. Stay focused on goals

According to Psychology Today, one of the most important tenets of successful co-parenting is staying focused on your child's wellbeing. You can do this by setting specific goals that you and your ex work on together. In the context of a parent-teacher conference, consider what you are both hoping to gain from the time you have, and stay focused on that rather than any stress you might feel.

2. Communicate collaboratively

Both parents should equally share the time spent in a parent-teacher conference. Be careful not to fan flames by dominating the conversation, and similarly, do not let your ex claim the floor and prevent you from contributing. Instead, work on keeping your common goals in mind and communicate collaboratively with your child's teacher. This is far more productive than wrestling for control of the conversation.

3. Maintain peace for your kid

At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of you and your ex to maintain peace for the sake of your kid. Bringing discord into a parent-teacher conference is a disservice to your child and a waste of valuable time. Plan in advance to stay committed to a productive, peaceful dialogue and strategize how to deal with any conflict that may threaten to arise.

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