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Benefits of divorce mediation and how to prepare for it

 Posted on May 18, 2021 in Divorce

Divorce mediation is a different way of handling the divorce process and is an alternative for divorcing couples to familiarize themselves with. Divorcing couples should understand the potential advantages of divorce mediation and how to prepare for the divorce mediation process.

Potential advantages of divorce mediation

The following are some advantages of mediation

  • Saves time and money: mediation means avoiding the formal divorce process which can be more costly and time consuming. Compared to litigating a divorce, mediating it can be a more efficient process for the divorcing couple.
  • The process is fair to everyone: mediation involves a third-party neutral who helps the divorcing couple resolve their divorce-related concerns. As an objective party, the mediator may be able to help the divorcing couple reach solutions they may not have otherwise considered.
  • The process is more private: mediation is not a public process and does not create a public record. For that reason, it can be more private which can be easier on the divorcing couple and any children from the marriage.

How to prepare for divorce mediation

To prepare for divorce mediation, the divorcing couple should:

  • Make sure they have gathered all information related to child support, spousal support, retirement accounts, division of marital property and debt.
  • Be aware of what they will need financially after the divorce so that they will know what to prioritize during the mediation negotiations.
  • Keep in mind, especially if children are involved, that it is best for each spouse to leave the divorce financially and emotionally stable and mediation can help them resolve their divorce-related concerns to achieve that outcome.

Divorce mediation is a good option to divorcing couples to consider. To help facilitate the process, they should be familiar with the benefits and be prepared to utilize it.

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