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Five Tips for Choosing a Divorce Lawyer Who Is Right for You

 Posted on September 16, 2022 in Divorce

Frisco divorce lawyerDivorce is hard. Even the most amicable divorces involve feelings of sorrow, guilt, anger, or regret. While having a great divorce attorney who listens to you and understands the approach you want to take cannot help you resolve your feelings about your divorce, it can make an enormous difference in the ease and outcome of the divorce process. If you are considering divorce, you already know you have a wide range of family law firms available to you. Here are five tips for choosing a Texas divorce attorney that suits your needs. 

Knowledge and Experience

A great divorce attorney need not have been practicing for decades in order to provide you with the best representation. But if you hire someone straight out of law school, you may be taking a gamble even if you get a better price. Choose someone who clearly knows the law and is willing to put it to work for you. 

Realistic Expectations

As in other areas of life, if a prospective divorce attorney is promising you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Even if you have the greatest attorney in the world, you are not likely to get everything you want out of your divorce. An honest attorney will help you set realistic expectations while still respecting your needs and preferences. 

Comfortable Budget

Divorce is notorious for being expensive, but you do not have to hire the most expensive attorney in town to get great representation. Ask all the attorneys you interview to provide you with a transparent billing structure and an estimate of how long they anticipate your divorce will take. While estimates are only guesses, an attorney who is intentionally vague about their billing practices may have something to hide. 

Talk to Family and Friends

You will find that advice is hardly in short supply during your divorce - everyone will have an opinion about what you should do in any given situation. For the most part, you can smile and ignore most people’s suggestions. When it comes to hiring a good attorney, though, anecdotal evidence from someone you trust can be pivotal when understanding what makes an attorney great. 

Clear Communication

All attorneys have a life outside of work, but your attorney’s personal life should never get in the way of responding in a timely and clear manner. If you have questions, you need to get answers and your attorney should be willing to respond quickly, albeit within reason. If someone you are interviewing already seems forgetful, comes late to appointments, or seems preoccupied with other matters, that may be a sign he or she is not right for you. 

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