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Surviving the First Summer Break After Your Texas Divorce

 Posted on May 03, 2022 in Divorce

Frisco divorce lawyerGetting divorced in Texas changes a lot of things about family life. During the school year, the rigid schedules of school and extracurricular activities often prevent the option of flexibility - and the potential confusion and conflict that can come along with it. But during the summer, the changes that come with a divorce can become more obvious when children are out of school and both children and parents may have more time on their hands. 

If this is your first summer after a divorce, it is important to be prepared for a potentially challenging period. Even if with the best parenting plan, issues with visitation schedules (also known as possession and access schedules) can arise. Here are some tips for Collin County parents managing their first summer break after separation or divorce. 

Maintain Consistency

While the lack of regularity in your children’s schedules may make it tempting to be lax in your parenting agreement, experts say this is not a good idea, especially if you tend to experience a lot of conflict with your spouse. Try to keep a regular schedule and avoid situations that could expose the children to conflict or uncertainty. Consider placing a calendar in a visible location in your home so your children can see upcoming visitation dates and know what to expect. 

Plan Vacations in Advance

Spontaneity can be a wonderful part of summer, but taking vacations requires extensive communication when children are living in separate households. Plan vacations as early as you can and share concrete details with your ex. Avoid communicating about plans in person or over the phone; instead, communicate using email or text messaging so you can reproduce the conversation if necessary. 

Keep Your Kids Busy

Any parent can tell you that boredom is a precursor to conflict. Kids who are bored will fight more, complain more, and generally get into more trouble than kids who are occupied. Whether this means scheduling summer camps or limiting screen time so your kids have to play outside, happy kids allow for easier transitions between households and less griping over whether mom or dad’s house is a more fun to be. 

Meet with a Collin County Child Custody Lawyer

A great parenting plan is essential for ensuring your summers are stress-free and fun for your children. If you are getting divorced and need help creating a visitation schedule that meets your family’s needs, schedule a free consultation with an experienced Frisco child custody lawyer with the The Law Office of Linda Risinger. Call us today at 972-294-6533 to find out more about what we can do for you. 




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