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Tips to Strengthen Your High Net Worth Divorce Case

 Posted on January 25, 2024 in Divorce

TX divorce lawyerGoing through a high net worth divorce introduces complex financial and asset division decisions. With significant marital property at stake, you need an experienced Texas divorce attorney on your side fighting for your best interests. While your lawyer handles the legal strategizing, there are also moves you can make to strengthen your case.

Document All Assets and Financial Records

High net worth divorces involve untangling extensive assets, investments, properties, and accounts. The more records you have documenting these holdings from the beginning, the better. Compile tax returns, bank statements, mortgage details, brokerage reports, and any other files proving assets in your or your spouse’s names. Thorough documentation prevents your spouse’s legal team from hiding or undervaluing assets during proceedings.

Create a Household Spending Diary

Track all household and personal spending over several months leading up to filing for divorce. This spending record substantiates the lifestyle you grew accustomed to during marriage with concrete numbers. If your spouse tries lowering alimony or child support claims that the standard of living is excessive, your spending diary proves otherwise. Do not forget big periodic costs like country club memberships and kids’ private school tuition either.

Consult a Financial Expert

Working with a  Certified Divorce Financial Analyst  (CDFA) provides objective insight into dividing marital property and projected budgets post-divorce. Their expertise strengthens your case by analyzing complex assets and realistic income needs going forward. A CDFA also knows how to value assets accurately and identify any questionable financial activity by your spouse.

Stay Organized and Communicate

Create an organizational system to track court deadlines, asset records, communication with attorneys, notes from meetings, and other important case documents. Also keep all communication with your estranged spouse limited, civil, and well-documented to avoid complications. Open communication channels only through lawyers so no direct conversations get misconstrued later.

Winning Strategy for High Value Divorce

The right prep work and professional support makes all the difference in high net worth divorce outcomes. Know your situation, know your rights, and build an experienced team to protect your interests. From maintaining thorough financial records to hiring specialized divorce professionals, this strategy gets results. With strong documentation and advocacy, you send a message that you will not settle for less than a just settlement.

Contact a Frisco, TX Divorce Attorney

Going through the emotional stages of a divorce, let alone the legal aspect is a lot to take in. When you have a Denton, TX, divorce lawyer on your side, you can navigate the process a bit more easily. Call The Law Office of Linda Risinger at 972-294-6533 for a free consultation.

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