How To Avoid The Courtroom Through Divorce Mediation

In many Texas counties, divorce mediation is required or strongly recommended. The process involves a neutral mediator working with the couple to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement on the issues surrounding their divorce.

The Law Offices of Linda Risinger possesses skills to resolve divorce-related issues through various strategies. While a trial is always a possibility, we encourage our clients to work with their spouses to find agreement through divorce mediation (collaborative divorce).

A Divorce Attorney Helping You Through The Process Of Family Law Mediation

The advantages of mediation are numerous and encompass both personal and financial benefits, including:

  • Reduced legal expenses
  • Control over the decision-making process, rather than leaving it up to a judge who does not know you
  • Confidential with no public record
  • High success rate
  • Less chance of court litigation in the future
  • Legal representation is still an option for consultations and reviews of divorce settlement agreements

Attorney Risinger will lead you through your settlement proposal, help you make informed decisions about all aspects of the divorce process, resolve contentious issues amicably and protect your children’s interests.

Beyond the mediation process involving property division and child custody, cooperating during a time that is seemingly divisive allows you and your ex-spouse to work toward positive, post-divorce relationships. Interactions can become easier and more peaceful, serving as a significant benefit for your children.

Situations Where Mediation May Not Be In Your Best Interests

It is important to note that mediation is not always the best way to resolve divorce-related issues. For example, a history of domestic violence or substance abuse in a marriage creates a dysfunctional dynamic, where the abusive spouse has an unfair “upper hand” in negotiations.

For those victimized by abuse or witness to addiction, we want them to know that unreasonable demands can be rejected. In fact, walking away from the process and pursuing a trial may be in everyone’s best interests.

Attorney Linda N. Risinger is a well-known and proven divorce trial lawyer in both Denton County and Collin County courts, but she knows exactly how to avoid the courtroom in divorce as well.

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